Custom Project Design:

First Contact

For custom project designs Strakx works closely with the customer to get a comprehensive feel and understanding for what it is that the client expects. Colour samples, design references, geological locations, and a verbal description of the kind of 'feeling' the client wants the project to emanate are just some of the input we discuss with our customers; the more exact our perception of what it is that a customer wants, the more thoroughly we can endeavor to make their design dreams a reality.

Creating the main idea

After the initial explanation of what the client wants and the design brain-storming sessions that -like a sculpture slowly taking shape in a raw block of marble- eliminates the non-essentials while shaping the project into a work of art the client -and we at Strakx- can be proud of.

Realization of a 3d model

This entire creative process sharpens our focus on what is expected of our eventual design proposal before it is handed over to our expert digital rendering team. The team then painstakingly constructs high quality 3D images of what the project will look like, and once finished we present these images to the client. Being first drafts, these renders sometimes require slight adjustments as per the client's wishes, and naturally the client always has the final word in approving these 3D designs.

In-house production and external sourcing

Once the customer is satisfied with the theory of project design, next comes the practical aspect. Since Strakx does everything from custom indoor and outdoor furniture, wall cladding, flooring, and lighting to unique art objects and specially manufactured bars and bathtubs, now begins the production of all the customer-approved aspects of the project which can be manufactured by Strakx Design. Even once the items have been delivered and there is nothing left to design, Strakx will remain in close contact with the client to answer any queries and to ensure customer satisfaction until the entire project has come to fruition.

Strakx. Bringing you the designs of tomorrow, today.

Finished Projects

Projects in Progress



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