About us

Based in Yogyakarta Strakx design has been delivering project quality furniture since 2001. The focus on Projects such as Hotels, Restaurants, Residences and Spa has created the knowledge necessary in order to produce a unique number of products in excess of the 2500. Though Strakx works with furniture from virtually any material that can be found in the vicinity of Yogyakarta our specialties lies in both Reclaimed and "new" teak, Stingray, Synthetic rattan, stainless steel and many other materials.

It is our ambition to always remain original and therefore try to always come with new ranges, for this reason we will involve ourselves with our classic lines, such as the Co2 Bathroom and Double X shelving, yet also come with new ranges such as the Regatta, a Caribbean boat paint inspired line.

Given the large amount of different types of furniture and decoration Strakx is and has been working our website mainly has the purpose to present you with an Idea of what we do and where our capabilities lie, so whether you are searching for one unique piece of furniture, an entire interior design or a large batch of furniture pieces, Strakx is the place to be.


Our Team


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